No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It is the common wisdom today that “Big Pharma” is making massive profits by exploiting both the taxpayers and the consumers of medicine. Think about how odd this animosity is. An industry that has been a major contributor to the incredible health advances of the last thirty years is being demonized.

This Week

“Welcome to the last week of the Obama presidency. It’s Inauguration Week, a time turn the page and leave behind the mistakes of the past… and to look ahead with new confidence to the mistakes of the future.” Jim Geraghty

The Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is what the Chinese call their country. I had never thought about it very much but it when I did I thought it was a bad translation of a reference to Tolkien’s Middle Earth or some other time reference. It turns out that, according to Michael Auslin in his book The End […]

Why Trump Might Win

I am not a Donald Trump supporter. I never have been but I do understand why many people support him. And here is an example: The people who run Los Angeles County think that voting in multiple languages is a good thing as this sticker shows. Many ordinary people feel that if we are going […]

The 2016 Youth Unemployment Act

$15.00 an hour wages will mean a lot less entry level jobs. Here are four pictures that tell the story: At Panera Bread you can now order without a clerk. At a Holiday Inn Express buffet breakfast there is now an automatic pancake machine. At the Yard House, a full service restaurant, you can order […]


“Our election process is a circus wrapped in a game show covered in poisonous weasel glitter.” Will Durst with a tip of the hat to Winston Churchill

A Free Society

“In a free society, everybody has the right to be wrong in their opinions. (But don’t tell anyone at Yale that.)” Jonah Goldberg