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Weekly Maxim October 16, 2017

“Beautiful Autumn colors show the radiance of decay”


Gridlock is Good!

President Trump campaign for President was full of symbolism. Two of the most important were building a wall and repealing Obama Care (the ACA). So far he has failed at both. It looks like he and the Republicans in Congress have given up on “repeal and replace” the ACA and have very little traction on building the wall. It is now safe to predict that no significant legislation will be passed and signed during the remainder of the Trump Presidency. [click to continue…]


Strategic Decline


Decline gracefully and slowly, enjoy the downhill ride.


Phoenix’s Phabulous Phountains #17

Just north of the Biltmore Fashion Square Mall, the home of at least three as yet undocumented phountains, there is a low rise condominium community. It has a tiny lake or a large pond depending on your perspective and in the lake they have a 30 foot streaming fountain. Look for it driving north on 24th St in the second block up from Camelback.

Click here for the video. [click to continue…]


Monetizing Shade

Corner shade on Camelback

During the heat of summer in Phoenix people try to park in the shade. Even if the parking is less convenient it is worthwhile to park in the shade and walk a little farther. How much is shade worth? How much will people pay for it? These are questions worth pondering and then calculating if money can be made on the valuation. [click to continue…]


Weekly Maxim October 9, 2017

“Everybody likes to sit by the fire. Nobody wants to chop the wood.”


If You’re Not Different You Don’t Exist

“If you’re not different you don’t exist.”

Is an important marketing concept and with its corollary:

“If you’re too different you scare people.”

they frame the operating range for most marketing. This applies to products, services and, as we found in Sherbrooke, Quebec, cities.

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How Old are You?

“I can’t believe how old people my age are.”


Phoenix’s Phabulous Phountains #16

48th Street winds its way along the eastern edge of South Mountain finding space between the foothills and Interstate 10. Just north of the mountains there is a traffic circle. If you go right you’re on South Pointe Parkway if you take the second right you’re still on 48th St. If you get totally confused you might run into this classic Italianate fountain.

The video is here on the click through. [click to continue…]


Evolving Revenue Models

In 1970 a television was expensive and TV programming was free for most people. Today a much better television is inexpensive and tv programming is relatively expensive.

In the same time frame the telephone has undergone an almost opposite change. In 1970 the phone was free but calling anywhere except locally was expensive. Now long distance calls are part of your monthly service charge but the phone is increasingly expensive. [click to continue…]