A Word of Resolution

Lillian and I were discussing New Years resolutions and she said she had heard that instead of a specific goal like “go to the gym every day” you chose as your resolution a word or phrase that shows a direction you want to go.

Understated Christmas

This elegant colonial house has one tiny tree in the upstairs center window. And it looks more like Christmas than all of the inflatable Santa thousand light houses down the block. Less is more folks. Less is more.


“Our election process is a circus wrapped in a game show covered in poisonous weasel glitter.” Will Durst with a tip of the hat to Winston Churchill


“Computer games are crack cocaine for science nerds.” Robert Scherrer Vanderbilt University Caffine is one of the last legal and socially acceptable addictions. I got a new computer game for the holidays. I’m avoiding getting started on it because of the above.

New Word Alert

We had two dogs on our excellent trip to Yosemite last week.  It was rainy a few days so we ended up inside and had to maneuver around sleeping dogs. 

The Green Zone

In the USA we all drive a lot and most of the time we drive with no feedback on how we’re doing. There is a solution, a new iPhone app measures driving quality and gives instant feedback.  It is destined to become the Fitbit of driving. People crave data, feedback and comparisons. The Green Zone […]