An Ubertunity

Uber uses smart phone technology to pair people who need rides with people who have cars and time. It is a brilliant idea. AirBnB does the same thing with extra rooms. These are big disruptive changes to how business has been done. Uber is causing major ripples in the Taxi/Government monopoly on transport in cities. […]


An article titled; “What’s with all those Stacks of Stones in the Woods?” was forwarded to me by Neal S.  It makes an argument against building cairns.  It even shows footage of an evil man kicking one of the cairns over. I’m on the other side of this issue.  Cairns are a way for some […]

The Experience Economy

A week ago I speculated that more money would be flowing toward buying experiences and marginally less to buying stuff. As is often the case it turns out there is a book. The Experience Economy was written in 1999. So it appears that what I observed in 2015 was first seen by Gilmore and Pine […]

A Change of Status Two

“The Paramount concern of man is status: how to achieve it, how to display it.” Tom Wolfe, author Status is already being displayed in vacations. More and more will be spent on experiences that convey status and display of those experiences for status purposes. This is why the entire entertainment/travel/experience industry will grow faster than […]