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Weekly Maxim January 18, 2018

“You can’t be envious and happy at the same time.”

Frank Tyger


Phoenix’s Phabulous Phountains #25

Walking south on Marshall Way from the Scottsdale Fashion Square past Olive and Ivy (an excellent restaurant) you cross the Arizona Canal and come to this three level cascading water feature. [click to continue…]


“Smells Good.”

Do you remember when restaurants smelled good? The place was filled with the warm smell of delicious food. Maybe butter or beef or even french fries. Those smells are mostly gone now. The need for huge fans over stoves to suppress fires means that if the food smells good the odor has gone through a filter to satisfy the EPA and then up a chimney somewhere. This problem is an opportunity for an enterprising entrepreneur. [click to continue…]


Monday Punday January 15, 2018

I wasn’t going to get a brain transplant but then I changed my mind.



“In business as in life the voice with a smile wins.”

Theodore N. Vail
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Requiem for Hallmark

This photo shows most of the holiday cards we received in 2017. They look great on the wall.

Two observations are immediately apparent. There are many less cards sent than in previous years. People are making the rational and economical decision to use email or social media to reach out at the holidays. And less and less of them are Hallmark type generic cards and many more are photo cards that were created on line. I sent postcards that showed a cactus lighted for Christmas and said Greetings from Arizona.

On the back I wrote “We wish you a Merry Cactus.” and other clever Arizonian sayings. But back to the topic at hand.

The number of cards mailed will continue to decline. Like postcards they will become a nostalgic fashion item not a mainstream thing.

In the meantime Facebook has more than two billion active users.

Change is…..

But what will the people who dislike the openness of Facebook do?

There might be an opportunity for a ChristmasCardBook.com  It is only active during December and January. You send “e-greeting” to your loose connections once a year but don’t have to stay casually in touch the rest of the year. It would be easy to test.


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Weekly Maxim January 11, 2018

“The less government interferes with private pursuits, the better for general prosperity.”

Martin Van Buren

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Phoenix’s Phabulous Phountains #24

This beautiful set of matching fountains is located behind the buildings at the NW corner of Camelback and 24th St. They are right across from the new Press Coffee Roasters location. [click to continue…]


Stay Together

When your with a group hiking in Sedona or visiting Disneyland it is a waste of time and might be a serious problem if you get separated. There could be an app for that. [click to continue…]


Monday Punday January 8, 2018

The meaning of opaque is unclear.