If you expect the world to be fair because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself.  That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him. Bohdi Sanders  

Good Roads

In September 2015 I started a discovery project with an almost 100 year old map of Pasadena. At the time I called it One City One Map Life intervened, progress was slow, but I pushed slowly forward and now I’m going to be presenting my work to the Huntington Westerners in Pasadena on March 4, […]

This Week

“Welcome to the last week of the Obama presidency. It’s Inauguration Week, a time turn the page and leave behind the mistakes of the past… and to look ahead with new confidence to the mistakes of the future.” Jim Geraghty

The Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is what the Chinese call their country. I had never thought about it very much but it when I did I thought it was a bad translation of a reference to Tolkien’s Middle Earth or some other time reference. It turns out that, according to Michael Auslin in his book The End […]

Kale Explains Everything

Republicans don’t like Kale. They’d like to ban it and penalize those who secretly consume it. Democrats think kale is a very good thing. They want everyone to eat some everyday. And would like to pass legislation to subsidize kale farmers and pay for a massive advertising campaign promoting kale.