Trying to cross the road where there isn’t a traffic signal is perilous. Drivers are focused on getting where they are going and don’t look out for pedestrians. Here is a positive way to make the roads safer for everybody.

The 2016 Youth Unemployment Act

$15.00 an hour wages will mean a lot less entry level jobs. Here are four pictures that tell the story: At Panera Bread you can now order without a clerk. At a Holiday Inn Express buffet breakfast there is now an automatic pancake machine. At the Yard House, a full service restaurant, you can order […]

Eco Marketing

If you want to sell to millennials you need to use the words that trigger good feeling for them. If you use three of the following words in your marketing you are much more likely to be successful. Don’t worry about performance, most of these words are not precise and are intentional not measurable. The […]

A Word of Resolution

Lillian and I were discussing New Years resolutions and she said she had heard that instead of a specific goal like “go to the gym every day” you chose as your resolution a word or phrase that shows a direction you want to go.

Understated Christmas

This elegant colonial house has one tiny tree in the upstairs center window. And it looks more like Christmas than all of the inflatable Santa thousand light houses down the block. Less is more folks. Less is more.


“Our election process is a circus wrapped in a game show covered in poisonous weasel glitter.” Will Durst with a tip of the hat to Winston Churchill


“Computer games are crack cocaine for science nerds.” Robert Scherrer Vanderbilt University Caffine is one of the last legal and socially acceptable addictions. I got a new computer game for the holidays. I’m avoiding getting started on it because of the above.